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SafeGrip Treatment Instructions

For best results please read the instructions BEFORE applying SafeGrip:

PRE-Test the tile: Darker colored tiles may result in a lighter color if left on to long or if SafeGrip is applied to dry not damp tile. Please test a small area in a corner before applying to the entire surface. Compare treated tile to untreated tile after 8 to 10 minutes depending on color of tile. Read below for information on testing for slip resistance.

1. First clean the area to be treated thoroughly with a mop and cleanser of your choice and rinse.

2. While the surface is still damp (do not use on dry surface) pour SafeGrip in the center of the area and using a brush or broom spread evenly over the entire area being treated. Allow the product to sit for 15 minutes (or shorter according to your pre-test results). Using a spay bottle for smaller areas and a pump sprayer for larger areas help to make sure area is covered completely and can make for an easier install but not required but recommended.

3. When the 15 minutes has passed, test the slip resistance by pushing down hard with your fingers and sliding them across the surface. If more slip resistance is desired allow to sit for an additional 2 to 3 minutes (please remember that for darker tile, the longer the product remains on the surface it may cause the tile to appear lighter- again go back to your Pre-Test results).

4. Rinse immediately with water. This is an important step as the SafeGrip will continue to process and may result in a color change if left on to long.

Your surface is now ready for use!

For Exterior Applications: For best results on exterior applications always apply SafeGrip in the early morning or after dark. Sun, Heat and Wind may cause premature drying and effect the results!

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